15 Jan – 27 Feb 2016 by Anita Beckers


An exhibition concerning the theme of repetition in art 

Fortsetzung folgt – to be continued is the first part in an exhibition cycle that is concerned with the theme of repetition in art. The works of William Anastasi (1933/USA), Christiane Feser (1977/G), Norbert Frensch (1960/G) and Adolf Luther (1912-1990/G) are the beginning of the series.

The goal of the exhibition is to produce a sensory encounter from artworks of different eras, whose methods follow the same principles, but ultimately end in contrasting pictoral invention.

The concept of this exhibition series had already been cemented before the Ruhr University in Bochum created a section of their art collection, entitled Situation Kunst (für Max Imdahl), which focuses on seriality in art since the 1960s. In this frame, the University invited Norbert Frensch to exhibit. The book „gleich und gleich und gleich und anders“ (same and same and same and different) published by the University, is a stroke of luck and serves as an accompanying publication for our exhibition project. The gallery exhibitions broaden the existing spectrum’s approaches and integrate the moving image. 

In the development of art history, reinforced since the second half of the last century, artists are constantly taking up the principle of repetition with new interpretations. This approach can been seen across different media and genres. Especially in a world overflowing with images, this exhibition cycle stands out due to the juxtaposition and the implementation of the artistic concepts shown. 


Vernissage: Friday Jan. 15, 2016 – 7.00 pm
Duration: Jan. 16. – Feb. 27. 2016