20 Apr – 04 Jun 2016 by Anita Beckers



We are proud to present the third exhibition of Israeli born and Los Angeles resident Liat Yossifor (*1974). Under the title DOUBLE LIFE, we will show a new work group, created exclusively for our exhibition, together with paintings from a previous series. As well, the new publication „MOVEMENTS: LIAT YOSSIFOR“ (Doppelhouse Press 2016, designed by Peter Duniecki) will be presented. 

The exhibition’s title, DOUBLE LIFE, refers to Yossifor’s paintings’ dilemma resting on a fault line between two artistic pulls. One is for her works to function as straight residues of performances; a record of a body in action. A strict time structure, usually of a few days, is set at the start and kept throughout each painting session. The other pull is the paintings' wish for pictorial space. While working quickly (to the point of sketching in paint) is an act navigated through paintings' own particular logic, the process is constantly brought back to the reality of a specific body in the midst of a performance. This condition occurs in painting at large, but Yossifor zeros in on this dilemma. She does so with the limited language of the monochrome, with which she highlights these opposing desires that occur while making work that is structured by one's body. To further the discussion of these works as pictorial lines and performances at once, this new series of work is done using paint mixed with graphite powder, which has contributed to the thinking of these paintings as drawings. The line work consists of continuous and repetitious movements and registers when light hits the surface and picks up the record of action. Without light, the movements are silenced by monochromatic fields in silver, graphite gray, white, and black. The result is between action and minimalism, pictorial and performative, drawing and painting. 

In December 2015, Modern Painter listed her in the top 18 „most compelling emerging artists from around the world.“



Opening: Wednesday, 20. April 2016 at 7pm

Duration of the exhibition: 21. April - 04. June 2016

Simultaneously, we will open the exhibition HEAVY STROKES in the BraubachFIVE with works by JAN SCHMIDT and NADINE FECHT, composed by Ludwig Seyfarth and Anita Beckers.