13 Jul – 26 Aug 2017 by Anita Beckers



The exhibition’s title, Bespoke, refers to Kuhn’s practice of choosing and manipulating materials to specifically fit the form he has in mind. The fact that Kuhn has created new sculptures to reflect the gallery space is also mirrored in the title.

Through his artistic practice, Sebastian Kuhn searchs for an expansion to the concept and understanding of contemporary sculpture. His works are created out of everyday items and materials. However, the resulting sculptures are anything but ordinary. The large-scale masses of steel, acrylic glass and plastic both estrange and enthrall the viewer. Kuhn refers repeatedly to the well-known and creates a narrow path between recognition and alienation. In his works, perception and the nature of materiality can take on very different forms. Hard, brittle materials are made to look flexible. Materiality, physicality, appearance and reality are thus called into question. Space and time, function and illusion are no longer fixed.

It is, however, false to just call Kuhn’s sculptures beautiful and move on because it negates their explosive strength. At first glance, his works are discordant. They seem to be something destructive or menacing. Nevertheless, although his works appear to be questioning accepted laws, they are in themselves balanced. Each part has a counterpart, each surface a condition, each color a contrast. Kuhn creates harmony and dynamism while making the viewer re-think their idea of reality.




Wednesday, July 12, 2017 - 7.00 pm

Stefanie Patruno, deputy director of the Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt, will give the opening speech.

Duration of the exhibition:
July 13, 2017 -  August 26, 2017